What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring A New Snow Removal Company?

How certain things get done, will determine how fast and effectively your snow removal company can safely clear a large snow storm, and eliminate resident complaints once and for all.

Follow the list of questions below to ask your snow removal company.

Snow removal services for condominiums is serious business for all obvious reasons, and it’s those very reasons why this snow removal report was conscientiously written with you and your residents in mind.

Isn’t it true…? You want a snow removal company led by people who genuinely care about your resident’s safety and convenience during & after a snow storm? Sounds so cliché… but Safety & Convenience really is the bottom-line, isn’t it?

You know when it comes to resident safety and convenience, paying attention to details, unsurprisingly eliminates snow removal complaints every time. Details for example:

Snow Removal Service Questions

  1. How many years have you been removing snow for condominiums?
  2. What plans & techniques do you use to clear communities where every resident has a driveway?
  3. What plans & techniques do you use to clear communities with two-side parking lots?
  4. Who’s our contact person before, during & after a snow storm?
  5. Do you keep accurate records & logs for each snow storm for our community?
  6. What preparations do you put in place BEFORE the storm starts?
  7. What strategy do you have in place for multiple storms over a short period of time?
  8. What safety precautions do you put in place for the elderly and sick?
  9. When do you apply calcium chloride to driveways & walkways, and at what rate?

Snow Removal Staffing Questions

  1. How many workers do you have in your snow removal crew for our community?
  2. How many properties will you be clearing other than ours?
  3. What are your staffing levels for multiple properties?
  4. Specifically… Who will be plowing for us, and is he familiar with our community?
  5. When does the removal crew start shoveling driveways & walkways?
  6. How can you insure all residents are receiving the same service when the storm has stopped?

Snow Removal Equipment Questions

  1. What type of equipment do you have?
  2. What size equipment do you have, and can they handle blizzards?
  3. Do you have back-up machines when they break down?
  4. How do you handle mechanical failures and break-downs in the midst of clearing a large storm?
  5. When does the plow truck arrive? And how long will they remain in our community during the storm?
  6. Do your plow trucks have sanders attached to them? And, when do you fill them up?