Landscape Maintenance
for Condos and HOAs

“If we can leave our communities and commercial properties looking better than we found them, then we have done what we promised.”

– Steven Alessandro, CEO, Devon Creek Landscaping


Condo & HOA

A single solution to preserve the beauty of your community, all year long


Work with a team of experts to bring your landscape to life

Landscape Maintenance

To boost the beauty of your property, greener grass is only the beginning

To deliver a better experience,
we listen to you.

Devon Creek was built on real-world insights into the biggest problems facing homeowner associations.

Tell us about your community and schedule a comprehensive walkthrough of your property with a Devon Creek specialist. Here are the steps we will follow together:

1. Your Custom Plan

We will tailor a landscape maintenance and lawn care program to meet your unique needs, drawing from our extensive experience in collaborating with homeowner association boards.

2. Elevating the Customization

We’re pleased to meet with and present our plan to your entire board for approval, ensuring every aspect aligns seamlessly with your community’s vision.

3. Transforming the Landscape

Our trained specialist will review the plan and vision with your team and HOA board. With clear communication and an approved plan, we’ll create a stunning property, guaranteed.

Lawn Care Services

Tree & Shrub Care Services

Snow & Ice Management

Irrigation & Water Management

We are our own competition

Devon Creek Landscaping is the winner of two prestigious N.A.L.P. Awards

National Association of Landscape Professionals

2023 Award Winner for
Commercial Landscape Management
Meadowbrook Pointe HOA
Westbury, New York

National Association of Landscape Professionals

2023 Award Winner for
Commercial Landscape Management
The Admiralty HOA
West Bay Shore, New York

Different, by design.

Every aspect of the client experience begins with a simple idea. The idea that we can do better.
Our success comes from an unrelenting dedication to raising the bar. It’s that focus that guides our success, and it isn’t a coincidence.

Case Studies

Meadowbrook Pointe

The Admiralty

Why we’re different

  • Beginning with your goals, we create a baseline. We call it the “Initial Landscape Assessment”, or ILA.” Where we found it”
  • The “Landscape Quality Audit” or LQA provides a structured metric based on established expectations, horticultural standards, and chronological objectives to assure we are on target.
  • The” Property Service Report” is a constant barometer, provided daily to capture the tasks accomplished and steps attained to our longer-term goals.

At Devon Creek Landscaping, ours is a work of constant improvement.

Transforming Properties.
Redefining Service.

Crafting remarkable landscapes is our passion, fueled by a commitment to staying informed of the latest trends, new innovations in landscaping, and continuous training. We take pride in our dedication to knowledge, ensuring that every project reflects not only our expertise but also the forefront of industry excellence.

Our culture of improvement never rests.

Measure, Assess, Improve, Repeat…


Neat, clean, organized. Everything, always.


Crew Training Program


Management Training Program


Weekly Safety Meetings

5 Rock Method

Customer Service Solutions

Morning Rally

Daily Field Supervisor, Crew Leader and Crew Member Meetings


Initial Landscape Audit


Landscape Quality Audit


Property Service Reports

The Devon Creek Landscaping Promise

Our goal is to always improve. WE PROMISE TO TRY HARDER than any company you have ever worked with.

• Better Training
• Better Supervision
• Better Customer Service
• Better Communication

• Better Solutions
• Better Guarantee
• Better Systems
• Happy Residents

PROactive Professionalism

Devon Creek Teams are trained to quickly identify issues before they become catastrophes.

• Well Supervised & Well-Trained Crews
• A focus on safety
• A team that understands YOUR objectives

• Delivering results, not excuses
• Manageable budgets
• Peace of Mind

What we make, makes us.

• Our dedication to quality craftsmanship begins with our people.

• An unrelenting focus to always improve begins and ends with the investment, education, training, and true career paths for all our team members.