The Right Technique for Trimming & Pruning

How The Right Technique For Trimming & Pruning Ensures A Beautifully Landscaped Community

As with all expertise, it’s technique that separates professionals and amateurs. As with all professions, technique, or lack of technique, is the difference between wasting money and investing money. As it stands with your Condominium landscaping, poor trimming and pruning techniques will eat away at your budget year-in and year-out. Allow me to share with you 5 expert pruning and trimming techniques and how they impact the health, growth and life of your bushes, shrubs and perennials.

The Squeeze
Trimming the tips of succulents and newly spurred growth known as “green shoots” is performed to support new branching. Note: Green shoots must be pruned before they are firm.

The Stimulus
By trimming an extended branch back to a healthy bud or branch, the bush will grow to be fuller and encourage better health overall.

The Blocker
Some bushes need to be opened up for optimal health and beauty. By removing branches stemming from the ground we can avoid growth while improving appearance, health and longevity.

The Re-Birth
Some shrubs and perennials require a “Re-Birth” along the way. Meaning, prune only the oldest branches nearest to the ground and leave the younger, heartier branches to vibrantly flourish.

The Cutter
Shears and hedge-clippers must be used moderately to avoid “Dieback”. This is when a damaged branch from shears stops light saturation and the branch dies off. Professionals use shears and clippers carefully to insure proper growth & health. Here’s the kicker… Techniques can’t be relied upon without a proper plan. The techniques mentioned above, and others, like knowing when NOT to use hedge-clippers, but rather do it by hand, that makes the ultimate difference to beauty and budgetary impact. Landscaping experts use many techniques in their playbook to insure better health, vibrancy and longevity for your community’s plant life. But here’s the kicker… Techniques can’t be relied upon without a proper plan for bushes, shrubs and perennials. The plan must include more ‘timed’ treatments that save your budget dollars long-term, versus a cookie-cutter approach guaranteeing ongoing, costly plant replacement and insect bills.