Meadowbrook Pointe Case Study


Meadowbrook Pointe is a 10-year-old sophisticated 55+ luxury gated community located in the heart of Nassau County’s North Shore. The community features a wide range of home styles including condominium suites, townhomes and very spacious villas— 720 units in all.

We were first approached by the Homeowners Association after completion of the final unit. You see, when a community such as this is constructed, the builder and/or sponsor exercises complete control until the last unit is sold. The landscape company hired by the sponsor only attended to the ground’s bare minimum —and the community showed it!

Our team at Meadowbrook Pointe tackled various challenges by implementing a comprehensive plan aimed at restoring the community’s landscape to its intended grandeur. We began by clearing dead bushes, shrubs, and overgrown trees, while also addressing weed infestations and improper mulch placement.

Getting Started

Eager to begin our revitalization efforts, we swiftly addressed the community’s longing for vibrant seasonal color. Understanding the importance of making a memorable first impression, we prioritized enhancing the entrance to Meadowbrook Pointe.

Crafting meticulous planting designs for each season became our cornerstone approach. In the early spring, we orchestrated a symphony of tulips, daffodils, and cold weather pansies, infusing the entryways with a burst of color amidst the lingering chill.

As summer emerged, a dazzling array of colorful annuals greeted visitors, ensuring a captivating welcome. Transitioning into fall, the entrance transformed into a festive spectacle adorned with the rich hues of autumn, evoking warmth, and cheer.

Undeterred by winter’s chill, we continued to enchant with cold weather pansies and ornamental cabbages, maintaining a sense of allure even in the coldest months. With the entrance radiating seasonal splendor, we extended our floral designs across the entire community, enveloping the clubhouse, main drive, and all residential areas in a tapestry of ever-changing beauty, reaffirming Meadowbrook Pointe’s status as a bastion of luxury living.

Time to Rebuild

Recognizing the unsightly presence of numerous dead bushes and shrubs tarnishing the property’s aesthetic, our team embarked on a thorough assessment to address this pressing issue.

Methodically cataloging the condition of each bush, we meticulously differentiated between salvageable specimens and those beyond revival. Armed with this data, we meticulously compiled a comprehensive report outlining a replacement planting plan tailored to restore the property’s allure.

This detailed proposal, presented to the HOA board, meticulously delineated the scope of work, including the number of bushes slated for replacement and the associated costs. By transparently outlining our plan and the necessary investment required, we ensured the board’s informed decision-making, paving the way for the transformation of Meadowbrook Pointe’s landscape into a pristine showcase of manicured elegance.
With the completion or ongoing progress of the initial projects, our attention now shifts towards the comprehensive beautification plan for the entire Meadowbrook Pointe community.

Building upon the successes achieved thus far, we are poised to elevate every facet of the landscape to new heights of aesthetic splendor. From enhancing green spaces to refining outdoor amenities, our focus remains steadfast on realizing the community’s vision of luxury living.

Our continued efforts…

Through meticulous planning, diligent execution, and ongoing collaboration with the HOA board and landscape committee, we are committed to ensuring that Meadowbrook Pointe emerges as a beacon of refined elegance and unparalleled beauty.

Our journey of transformation continues, driven by a dedication to excellence and a shared commitment to creating an environment that residents are proud to call home.