Important Snow Removal Service Distinctions for Commercial Property Managers & Owners

In the business of commercial snow removal, storms are as unique as the snowflakes themselves. Each storm calls-for a different plan based on time of day, time of year, and volume of snow. Without the foresight of different snow storm scenarios, timing and in-field reliability will suffer greatly; ultimately resulting in poor performance for you and your tenants.

5 Critical Timing Problems Virtually Every Snow Removal Service Gets Wrong

  • What time the crew should be ready-to-go.
  • What time the crew should be at your property.
  • When to apply salt-sand in your parking lot.
  • When to begin shoveling your sidewalks
  • When to start plowing & removing snow

Fact is… anyone can get the required driving permits, such as a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and then call themselves a professional. Each of the 5 timing problems mentioned have a direct impact on reliability and performance. I can safely assume you don’t really care what time we show up, what’s important is we get the job done with competence, speed and within the contracted budget. Even though commercial property owners and managers are usually not concerned with what time and when to do anything when removing snow… it’s in your best interest to understand the difference between snow removal services who take timing seriously, and those who don’t even think about it.

Snow Removal Service Distinctions You Want To Make

A vital distinction to make when choosing a snow removal service is reliability and responsibility. Meaning, it’s the snow removal company’s job to have systems & processes in place and ready-to-go insuring your tenants are not held-up. Here’s a little insider secret… it’s not uncommon for a truck or snow machine to break-down before or during a snow storm. In addition, it’s not uncommon for 5 crew members not to make it to work because of road conditions, or perhaps it’s Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day. Experienced and ready-to-go snow removal managers always work from a flexible, yet reliable game plan to avoid low staffing, machine breakdowns, and any excuses most snow removal services come up with when they don’t get the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s this attitude and approach which saves commercial property owners money, while avoiding time management headaches because their snow removal service is unreliable. Now you’re dealing with unhappy tenants and a long day of follow-up and management. Be assured, avoiding snow removal services who don’t get how to properly time a storm, or provide reliable in-field performance will pay-off for commercial property owners every year.

A Committed Snow Removal Team + Experience & Training is Unstoppable

In the business of snow removal services storms are as unique as the snowflakes themselves. Fact is… anyone can get the required driving permits, such as a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and then call themselves a professional. This would be like saying; “You can put a 56 degree sand wedge in anyone’s hands and they will produce Phil Mickelson like precision around the greens at the Masters. It just doesn’t work that way. Again, without Mickelson’s team, especially “Bones” his caddie, Phil couldn’t be the player he is… it’s the training, experience AND TEAM that creates the winner. So I ask you… What is an experienced & trained snow removal crew? That’s right… it’s 2/3 of the way to excellence for commercial property snow removal. Make sure you add the third element, a committed cohesive Team to your snow removal service checklist!