Discover the Biggest Planning Detail Missed by Most Commercial Snow Removal Services

You already know flagging (a.k.a staking) Long Island commercial properties before it snows is paramount to saving time and money in the spring. But here’s the thing… staking alone will not cut-the-mustard with a large commercial property. Without a SNOW REMOVAL MAPPING PLAN coupled with stakes & flags, your asphalt, bushes, sod, signs, speed bumps, trees and the list goes on; can be pulled-up and destroyed. What’s worse? You don’t see much of the damage for weeks or longer until the snow and ice has completely melted away. At this point, the ‘one-timer’ snow plow guy is long gone… it’s likely he didn’t have insurance anyway… and now you’re stuck with the repair bill. Likewise, it’s not just the small guys tearing up parking lots… even some of the bigger snow removal services are spread so thin they can’t pay attention to the necessary details for safe, damage-free snow removal. Like the Pro Golfer who painstakingly hits ball after ball, making one simple adjustment to improve his swing. Then knowing, the preparation and experience paid-off when it mattered most, so it is with your commercial snow removal company. In the end, DETAILS, preparation and experience make the difference every time…

Commercial Snow Removal is a Pressure Sport

Now, you’re obviously on Devon Creek’s snow removal services website… and yes; we want commercial property owners to hire us… so here’s the truth… Snow removal for commercial property is a pressure sport. The variables are many, and countless business people in your buildings are relying on their stores to be open for business. With this at the forefront of our minds, Devon Creek’s Mapping & Staking methods are developed around important details. In fact, our entire approach is built on constant improvement. Sure… over the past 30 years we’ve ‘skulled’ and ‘duffed’ our fair-share of pitch shots around the greens of commercial snow removal… but now… we have a real-good ‘read’ on the important things you want and need for your tenants.

How Your Snow Removal Company Can Avoid Ripping Up Curbs, Speed-Bumps, Grass, Shopping Cart Stalls and More

You already know staking and flagging your commercial property before the snow season hits is critical to safety and efficiency. And now you know… Mapping coupled with staking is a surefire combination to avoid unnecessary damage to your property. You see, it’s how and where your snow removal service places stakes and flags… not just the simple act of doing it. Additionally, when mapping the property you insure the snow removal staff is aware of sensitive areas regardless of how much snow has fallen. Furthermore, there’s no-good excuse to skip staking and flagging and not pre-plan as much as possible… in other words, error on the side of more than enough, rather than not enough when it’s too late. Snow Removal Mapping and Staffing – As we’ve discussed here, mapping allows us to know the ins-and-outs of your property. Once we’ve gone through the analysis stage we can easily plan for efficient manpower levels. When a storm hits, we remain flexible and bring-in more manpower if needed. After 20 years in the business, we’re really-good at gauging manpower requirements. Snow Removal Mapping and Staffing – We’ll know how many trucks, pay-loaders, snow-blowers, etc. will be required for a specific type of snow storm. Equally as important, the map will show us which machine will be best based on the area and situation. Again, mapping commercial property combined with stakes and flags insures damage-free clean-up during large snow storms. A solid, proven mapping plan for your commercial property will save you money from damage and time from your schedule dealing with it.