Direct Vendor Response

Why Direct Vendor Response Is A Big Win For Property Managers & Condominium HOAs

Your landscape company MUST communicate directly with all vendors who impact the quality of the community’s landscaping. Having vendors communicate directly, will get the job done more efficiently, help to alleviate resident complaints, and free up more of your time. It shouldn’t be the Property Manager’s job to track down vendors and play phone tag all day, every time a resident calls up to complain. Direct Vendor Response is ALSO a preventive measure, and is used to stop resident complaints from happening in the first place.

Free Up Your Time With Direct Vendor Response

You’ve heard it before… most issues arise because communication breaks down. It’s the old saying… ‘One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing’. Now imagine… Your landscape company supervisor performs weekly site inspections coupled with Supervised Landscaping™, anticipating & identifying issues before they become problems… and WAY before resident complaints start to inundate your office. Case in point: The Landscape Supervisor spots portions of the lawn starting to burn up. It takes nothing these days for the Supervisor to call, or shoot an email on-the-spot to the irrigation company, You, and the HOA board members… informing everyone about the issue, what’s being done about it, and when it will be completed. As expected, Direct Vendor Response + Supervised Landscaping™ frees up more of your time, because you’re not fielding complaints or tracking down vendors all day. You will not experience the common ‘status quo’ problems most landscaping companies actually cause. In the end, it just makes better business sense… don’t you agree?

Alleviate Resident Complaints With Direct Vendor Response

A common recipe for resident complaints is cooked-up when the sprinklers go on around the same time the landscape company arrives to mow the lawn. Mowing a wet lawn creates mower tracks and divots through-out. You’ve seen it… the cut grass chunks up, and the wheels from the mower damages the lawn at every turn. Ongoing incidents like this are guaranteed to get your phone ringing with frequent resident complaints.

Proactive Landscaping Makes Your Job Easier

When Property Managers implement our proven proactive methods, they greatly reduce resident complaints from happening in the first place. When residents are happy, the HOA is happy… and ultimately you’re happier. In the end, you are getting what you really want… a landscaping company who gets the job done right, making your job easier while alleviating resident complaints.