Condominium Landscaping Beautification

Why Develop A Beautification Plan For Your Condominium Community?

A beautification program is like “making your cake, and eating it too.” Let me explain… The name “Beautification Plan” leads one to think it’s only about an immaculate lawn, pretty shrubs with vibrant colors, or unique trees with interesting foliage. However, like a rotten apple spoiling the cart; an overgrown bush or a large tree stump spoils the visual appeal, as well as the health of the whole property. As discussed earlier, these landscape eye-sores can domino into other problems costing more money, and more time for you to manage the problem.

When people drive through your community the first thing they notice is the condition of the grounds, the landscaping, and the curb appeal.

A Beautification Plan addresses the overall look and feel of the property and implements measures to anticipate avoidable problems over the course of a year or two. With a professional landscaping company, a beautiful curb appeal for the overall property is a given… although, not all landscape companies are equal in experience, expertise and professionalism. Why is this so important? Expert landscaping companies are experts because they have accumulated knowledge and wisdom you can tap into for better managing your landscaping budget, and more importantly eliminating aggravating events that take up your personal time. The experienced eye can see problems before they occur and alert you, thus, planning for budget busting problems you ordinarily would not see until it’s too late. Have you ever driven past a community where it just looks sensational? It turns your head and makes you want to drive-in and take a look around. As you know, curb appeal is about making a community look welcoming, inviting and the sense of a great place to live. There are many ways to increase curb appeal in your condominium community. Tried & True ideas like adding seasonal color displays around the clubhouse and front entrances are mandatory and support a beautiful curb appeal. Let’s go a big step forward… I’m talking about an affordable Estate-like Beautification Plan with the intention of improving the look AND health of your community’s landscaping.

Beautification plans can include many things… for example:

  • Assessing older trees and replacing them when necessary can be a very important part of the plan. The last thing a community wants is unsightly old trees covered in messy vines.
  • Curbs and driveways can be replaced with Belgian block or other stately looking hardscape material.
  • Peaceful water features can be incorporated into the community.
  • The community pool can be upgraded to a more resort-like feel.
  • Sitting areas, running/walking trails, Bocce Ball courts can be created.

It’s all about building your community into a desirable place people want to live and be happy. A sound, focused ongoing plan affords your HOA the ability to easily achieve these results. Touching only a few ideas in this article you can clearly see how landscape planning will save you from wasted budgets, aggravating management issues and personal time you lose when problems arise. Proactive landscape planning provides your HOA Board with a reliable partner who reduces the number of problems, maintains the agreed upon budget, and helps to maintain the integrity of your community. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.