Why Annuals are a Commercial Property Manager’s Secret Weapon

I work with commercial property owners and managers every day… so I know you’re busy… but I want you to know the true reasons why planting annuals over all four seasons is a wise investment.

In the article; “5 Commercial Landscaping Tips for Commercial Property Managers and Owners,” we discussed the important things your landscaping company must do to increase traffic and tenant satisfaction.

Annuals play a role in sustaining a place of business your tenants love to go to every day… a place where they are proud to bring their customers and clients. Annuals are a commercial property owner and manager’s secret weapon to sustaining beauty all year long for their clients.

I think you’ll agree the following three reasons to take advantage of Annuals are worth a look and give your property tangible appeal.

ONE: Why Color and Beauty Impacts Your Bottom-Line

Property owners and managers know happy tenants are paying tenants. Moreover, it’s a fact that a person’s environment impacts their overall health and well-being.

Adding Annuals to your landscaping management plans is not an “upsell” from the landscaping industry… rather a useful technique you can use to better serve your clients, customers and community.

Adding Annuals creates instant focal points where the WOW FACTOR is inevitable. Meaning, the eye catches these focal points and draws in the person to look. Step one to driving more traffic to your property is done!

We humans feel better around nature’s beauty. With the hopes of not sounding too ‘cheezy’… Annuals add character, shape and appeal to your commercial property without breaking the bank.

My advice to you is a proactive plan to using Annuals for year-round color, beauty and attractiveness. Call your landscaping management company to find out more.

TWO: Why Annuals are Like a Visiting Friend Out for the Summer?

Have you noticed when the summer hits, the color begins to fade in gardens? It’s a common affair each year, where most landscaping management companies will forgo color in the hotter and even cooler months.

Planting Annuals over withering spring perennials is an ideal way to sustain your property’s visual appeal and avoid those dark days of summer ????

It’s true… your landscaping company can add color during the summer without hurting or obstructing the perennial flowers ready for next spring. Kinda like a friend in for the summer.

Because annuals only last through one season, they live their full-life-cycle, as opposed to perennials who store energy for the next bloom. Annuals are extremely handy and worth taking advantage of for filling in bare spaces as the seasons change and perennials wither.

THREE: Your Professional Landscaping Company Must Have High Standards

Let’s not kid ourselves… you’re reading this now because you’re looking to hire a professional landscaping management company. Someone you can rely on.

And, I am a professional landscaper wanting to serve commercial property owners and managers. So what does this all have to do with planting annuals you ask?

At the end of the day you want your tenants, and their clients and customers to be happy with your service. It’s your business… my business is to contribute to your business. It’s simple… everyone is happy and everyone is making money.

Planting Annuals is by far one of the most cost effective landscaping techniques I can share with you. Sure there’s effort and work to be done… but that doesn’t mean it will break your budget.

Actually, I’m saying the opposite… the up side to planting Annuals all-year-round is a wise investment for any commercial property who cares about their tenants and surrounding community.