What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring a Landscape Designer?

Did you know anyone can call themselves a Landscape Designer without any credentials or formal education?

As you read through this article you will discover important distinctions between a landscape DESIGNER and a landscape ARCHITECT.

Knowing the difference will save you time, money and aggravation when planning your new yard. First, as stated above, landscape designers do not have required formal education, which limits their knowledge of fundamental and important areas like:

  • Architecture
  • Horticulture & Botany
  • Ecology
  • Soils & Geology
  • Structural Engineering

Unlike landscape designers, landscape architects are required to be certified through formal education of the above bullets.
Some may argue, landscape designer’s work on smaller projects than landscape architects, and in many cases this is true… but one thing is for certain…

Landscape Architects ARE Landscape Designers… Landscape Designers ARE NOT Landscape Architects

When your property requires proper drainage, grading, and specifying the right materials, landscape designers are typically not in the same league as a landscape architect.