How Your Residential Landscaping Can Improve Your Health

What if, after a long work day… or a beautiful weekend you had a place to go right outside YOUR door which provides the same well-being as a vacation?

Like Relaxation On Tap!

Find-Out How…

25 Acres in the Middle of Nowhere

Recently my family and I drove from Long Island, New York to a small town in South Carolina. My wife and I live in a busy suburban area with our three children, ages 1, 3 and 7… so “getting out of Dodge” was a welcome change for spring break.
My Grandfather lives a very different lifestyle… his remote property is a 25 acre piece of farmland… literally in the middle of nowhere. The closest gas station is 12 miles away – and the closest Wal-Mart is 30 miles away… we were OUT THERE!

Over 4 days I found myself very relaxed and at-ease. Walking the property and being outside in such a quiet place allowed us to decompress and release the stresses of daily life.

Now this may not be a huge revelation… anytime any of us go away on vacation we’re usually able to relax… no running errands, fighting traffic, job responsibilities, and no driving the kids all over town for sports and dance class. Busy people usually ‘chill-out’ on vacation… and more often than not, vacation means, nice settings outdoors. Whether a cruise, island get-away or your grandfather’s remote farmland… relaxation in beautiful settings ‘recharges our batteries’ and enhances perspective in our lives.

This got me thinking…

Is there empirical proof that clearing out the mind, relaxing the body and communing with nature has a positively profound physiological effect on our well-being?

The University of Washington has exhaustively researched the subject of outdoors and our mental well-being. In a report published on the University’s website, it stated;

Substantial research shows that natural scenes evoke positive emotions, facilitate cognitive functioning, and promote recovery from mental fatigue for people who are in good mental health. The experience of nature can also provide respite for those who experience short-term and chronic mental illness.

I then started asking questions like; “What if we had a unique, quiet respite on our own property – big or small?”
“What if, after a long work day… or a beautiful weekend we had a place to go right outside OUR door which provides the same well-being as a vacation?” Like… Relaxation On Tap!

Your Residential Landscaping CAN Be ‘Relaxation on Tap’

What can your landscaping be like so you can take advantage of the health benefits we’re discussing here?
Residential landscaping has come a long way for everyday folks like you and me. And now more than ever, having the convenience and time to be outdoors to “recharge the batteries” is extremely important and comes with many benefits.

The Washington University report states…

Nature aids in restoring the mind from mental fatigue caused by work.

The payoff: Heightened productivity and creativity in your daily life.

Children develop cognitive, emotional and behavioral connections to nearby biophysical environments.

The payoff is encouragement of imagination and creativity, in addition to intellectual development and social relationships.

Outdoor activities can help alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia, stress, and depression and improve cognitive function in those recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

The payoff is a greater sense of being at-ease and allowing your body and mind to heal.

After looking into and thinking about being in nature and my mental and physical well-being… it is clear… our own residential landscaping can improve our health and our lives.

When you take the time to look into a landscape design company – keep in mind – you want to create your own mind clearing space – Relaxation on Tap!