Finally! HOAs No Longer Make These 5 Condo Landscaping Mistakes

I was just thinking… “I only listen to about 20% of the music I have on my iPod.” Then I thought; “I only wear about 20% of the clothing in my closet… the other 80% remains untouched.”

As I continued to think more about it… 20% of my actions are causing 80% of my results. In business, it’s very common for 80% of your sales to come from 20% of your clients.

All this talk of 80/20 comes from the Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto; best known for seeing that 20% of the people own 80% of Italy.

It’s quite possible 80% of complaints HOAs manage come from 20% of the residents. Or… 80% of condo landscaping expertise comes from 20% of your vendors… meaning, not all vendors are equal.

The 80/20 Rule of Condo Landscaping

It’s no secret, landscaping mistakes can be very costly for large condo complexes, not to mention the added time required by HOA board members.

What if you eliminated 5 landscaping mistakes your HOA is making right now? What if you spent 20% of your time reaping 80% of the results?

Results in the form of less-time spent managing HOA issues, fielding resident complaints, and staying in budget for the year.

Avoid 5 Condo Landscape Mistakes

After 20 years of caring for condo communities I can share with you easy ways to improve your HOAs landscaping management. Easy fundamental things you can do where maximizing your budget, time and beautification is a walk-in-the-park. Over the years I’ve accumulated tons of experience and knowledge on troubleshooting and fixing landscaping issues for condos.

Here are the top 5 mistakes HOAs are making right now and how they can fix them immediately.

Condo Landscaping Mistake #1:
Not Having a Focused Strategic Landscaping Plan

Don’t you agree… whether you’re in business or in-charge of the family and house; planning and organizing is critical if you want to maximize your time and money?

It’s the same with managing condo landscaping for HOA Board Members. A strategic plan provides a clear path with no guessing or over-spending… and, when issues do arise, they are handled quickly and effortlessly. Discover how planning can eliminate 90% of your HOA landscape management issues.

Condo Landscaping Mistake #2:
Not REALLY Understanding Your HOA Landscaping Contracts

Landscaping agreements are typically boiler-plate contracts lacking specific details you must know to avoid costly mistakes along the way.

Typically, trimming bushes, shrubs and trees are have ‘X’ amount of times per year. This is a big mistake on the landscaping company’s part, and something you want to know more about.

Find-out why a ‘status-quo’ trimming program inherently excludes many needs your plant life calls for.

Condo Landscaping Mistake #3:
Not Calling the Right Landscaping Vendor for Watering Issues

Condos typically have several vendors who care for the landscaping… maintenance, irrigation and herbicide companies. The mistakes is caused by HOA member’s calling the wrong vendor for a specific issue.

Knowing exactly what each vendor does, and what they are contractually responsible for is critical for you to quickly and easily manage landscaping issues… and in most cases avoid costly additions to your budget.

When You Don’t Know the Right Vendor to Call, Avoidable Issues will become Costly Problems

Condo Landscaping Mistake #4:
Not Knowing the #1 Way Weeds Thrive and What to Do About It

Weeds will always be one of those tough landscaping issues… however, when you understand what causes weeds to thrive, beating them down becomes a whole lot easier.

Many landscapers make the same mistakes when treating your flower and garden beds. The mistake HOAs make is not knowing what the landscaper doesn’t know. With all-do-respect… it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Find-out Why Weeds Relentlessly Return Time and Again, and how you can stop them.

Condo Landscaping Mistake #5:
Not Implementing these Lawn Care & Landscaping Tips

The care of a large community property requires expertise and knowledge on how grass behaves in different weather environments. This includes shade, watering, nutrients, wild-life and walking traffic.

By implementing these 5 lawn care tips you will avoid many mistakes made every day. By understanding the facts about seeding, chemicals, aeration, height and irrigation, you will undoubtedly avoid costly lawn issues.

How much, how often, at what times, and utilizing the proper lawn care techniques saves Condo HOAs a Fortune

Landscaping for condos is serious business… there’s many moving parts which require certain levels of expertise. When you seriously read and look into how you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll discover information written specifically for you… the Condo HOA board member or property manager.

You will find that 80% of your landscaping challenges stem from 20% of your decision making when you hire landscaping vendors and sign contracts.

Grab your favorite beverage, invest 10 minutes of time and eliminate 5 condo landscaping mistakes you’re making right now.