3 Backyard Landscaping Trends for Your Enjoyment

If you’re thinking of how you want to use your backyard landscaping space, it’s very important to spend some time thinking about your lifestyle.

Today there are several backyard landscaping trends which add value, appeal and fun you may be interested in.

1. Outdoor Living Rooms

In the early spring or fall, is there anything better than sitting around or near a fire?

Perhaps making S’mores with your kids… or relaxing with a glass of wine with friends.

An outdoor fireplace is an easy way to improve the living space in your backyard.

Not only is an outdoor living space going to increase the value of your home, but you’ll have a blast entertaining with family and friends.

2. Tranquil Water Features

Even the tightest of budgets can add a water feature to a backyard landscape.

Picture a water fixture in a small rock garden… the centerpiece can be a large terracotta planter – but instead of soil and plants – install a slow running water source that overflows the planter and splashes onto the rocks.

This simple addition to your patio or backyard seating area creates a calming environment. And, it’s been proven… landscaping can improve your health.

Of course larger budgets can do bigger things like ponds and waterfalls; which can yield a high return on investment and increase the value of your home.

3. Functional & Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Depending on the season, many people are using their backyards as productive gardens.

Not only do gardens add color, fragrance and nice scenery, but they can also help you save money on vegetables and herbs. Imagine turning a section of your backyard into a garden, rich with your favorite vegetables. Doing so can be a DIY weekend project, or you can hire a landscaping company to come in and help you get it done.

Herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary and others are fragrant, as well as easy to grow and maintain – saving you money at the grocery store.

With a little imagination and some creativity, you can use your backyard landscaping in many ways to help fit your lifestyle.

If you’re seeking cool ways to play, party, and relax look into these 3 backyard landscaping trends.